Ajax-based Internet Application Fragments

Dojo Fisheye Widget
Dojo toolkit

Google Map Tools
Google maps API, Ajax

Yahoo Map Tools
Yahoo maps API, Ajax

Flickr Slideshow
Flickr API, Ajax

Draggable Shopping Cart
Rico API

Itunes RSS reader
Itunes RSS, Ajax

Clickable Top 5 CD List
Javascript, DOM

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Front-end/UI projects

Nationwide Boiler Company
you can submit the form (it will submit only to a test script).
There is redirection to thank you page after form submission for purpose of tracking (tracking is disabled).
Perl, HTML

JMA Services
Lien Form- Dynamic Radio Buttons
Javascript, HTML

JMA Services
Cookie code was made for playing Flash audio upon first visit only.
Back-button caching in IE/Safari was disabled. Onscreenview Firefox event was used to prevent audio from playing in Firefox
Javascript, HTML

Other Web Sites

San Francisco Bay Tutoring
This is a site I set up for providing tutoring services

Get the UNIX time

A tool I put together for getting the UNIX time, getting HTML and URL encodings, and for gettings various hashes:


J2EE Projects

Note: these applications are hosted on a server which is not always running. Therefore, when you click on these links, you might not receive a response, due to the fact that the server may not be powered on at the moment.

CD Store
JSP, i18n, JDBC, MySQL

CD Store (alternate with servlets instead of JSP)
servlets, JDBC, MySQL

Credit Card J2EE Web Service

J2EE EJB 2.0 Library Card Catalog Application
JBoss application server, JDBC, Hypersonic Database

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